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About us

Robert-Jan Stroeve, Managing Director (1963 – 2018 )

Founder of Business Hotel Reservations BV. Robert-Jan gained ample experience at several (Amsterdam) 4 and 5 star hotels, in reservations, at front office level and in managerial functions. Robert-Jan made price deals with hotels and at the same time ensured that the best available rates are offered, so our customers remain completely satisfied. Unfortunately, Robert-Jan passed away in August 2018.

Tessa Riksen, Founder & Managing Director

With Robert-Jan, Tessa is co-founder of Business Hotel Reservations BV. After the untimely death of Robert-Jan, Tessa has now taken on the position of Managing Director. Besides that, Tessa has full resposibility for anything to do with the financial aspects of the company. E-mail:

Wim Buitenhuis, Commercial Director

For Wim, the national and international hotel business no longer hold any secrets. Wim has worked at Business Hotel Reservations BV since 2005 and has been Robert-Jan’s right hand for many years. Since the passing of Robert-Jan, Wim has accepted the position of Commercial Director and with that the daily running of the company. E-mail:

Marjolein de Vries, Booking Office Manager

After a few years of absence, Marjolein has returned to Business Hotel Reservations BV in July 2015. She has built up many years of experience, both nationally and internationally. Together with Wim, she has taken over the daily running of the company and is responsible for all your requests, whether it would be for one bedroom for one night only or a large meeting for several days.

Please feel free to contact (one of) us.

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