Social Programs


Social programs

Looking for a day or an evening of relaxation? Wanting to enjoy something special after attending your meeting, course or seminar? A day or an evening filled with social programs can be crucial to you and your fellow attendees and improve social relations. But where can you combine a full program containing a canal cruise, a dinner, or even an evening of go-karting or escaping a room? And is there any location close to where you have made your hotel reservations? You no longer have to search the web, we will take care of all of this for you. This is especially convenient when you would like to make a combination of several outings, as you will only have one single point of contact.

We can make sure that your day (or evening) is fully taken care of, including transport and completely within your budget. Another advantage is that you will receive one final invoice instead of multiple invoices when making a combination of several social programs.

Contact us

Please send us an email and indicate what you would like in your social programs. Of course you are also free to call us, because hearing a voice can make any interaction all the more pleasant. Within 24 hours we will send you our suggestions, based on the request you have sent.